• Length of the program:  4 weeks Goal of the program: The raison d'etre for our program is to describe the most natural and protective oral function applied for each of us. It equips us with the knowledge and tools to prevent relapse in the future. This is a comprehensive online program that you can readily perform and is highly successful when instituted. What is the cost? $265 (paid via paypal). This is the normal cost of an on-site consultation with Dr Tuffley but with great, value added benefits; for those who join the program, access to the highly effective RESOS splint will be made available upon request at no extra cost, apart from postage
  • As well as working with those who suffer from TMJ dysfunction, Dr Tuffley loves working with health professionals around the world to enhance understanding and treatment of TMD . Length of the subscription:  12 months Goal of the subscription: To provide support, communication, resources and assistance to you with any TMJ related issues. What is the cost? $480 for the year ( via paypal)


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