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  • Dr Tuffley’s research and clinical experience is open to peer review, and is consistent with current recommendations of Myofacial Therapy, the National Institute of Health [USA] and University College, London Hospital’s multidisciplinary Facial Pain Unit.

Dr Tuffley’s approach is successful

  • It addresses the multi-factorial nature of TMD  with an integrated treatment plan.
  • It provides the specific tools and support to overcome TMD, long term!
  • eg. Dr T.L., Specialist Medical Anaesthetist, wrote in July, 2014 ” I really appreciate your help with the TMJ pain I recently started experiencing out of the blue. With the combination of your advice and the splint [RESOS] the pain was significantly better within 3 days, and completely gone within 2 weeks. Next time it happens I will know what to do before it gets so bad”.

The aim of our program

  1. To clarify the workings of the TMJ system.
  2. The knowledge of what is healthy, optimal Oral Function.
  3. To help enable the implementation of corrective, healing strategies.
  4. To give each person the ability to make their own informed decisions.

Our strategies are of proven clinical value and specific for each person.  Most importantly, our program fulfills the plea for contemporary scientific understanding of TMJ Disorder/ Dysfunction.

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How much is the program and what does it include?

Why our approach works

We address the root causes of TMD, rather than treating the symptoms.

Our methodology provides an early response within weeks. It is one of the most affordable treatments available.

Our research is peer reviewed, with 30 years of clinical experience behind it.

How you can manage TMJ

Please watch our video in which Dr Mark Tuffley introduces himself and his successful TMJ management program that has proven to be the best way to manage TMJ.

Over 30 years of research and testing have gone into perfecting this TMJ management program.