About Dr Mark Tuffley

Dr Mark Tuffley BDSc (Hons QLD) MBBS (Qld) MDSc (Qld), is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon based in Brisbane, Australia. His practice is in the heart of Brisbane City at 241 Adelaide Street.

Dr Tuffley has spent over 30 years reseaching the Temporom- andibular joint (TMJ) and the disorder of it (TMD). From this research, has evolved an effective plan for managing TMJ….

Why Our Approach Works

We address the root causes of TMD, rather than treating the symptoms.

Our methodology provides an early response within weeks.

It is one of the most affordable treatments available.

Our research is peer reviewed, with 30 years of clinical experience behind it.

How you can manage TMJ

Please watch our video in which Dr Mark Tuffley introduces himself and his successful TMJ management program that has proven to be the best way to manage TMJ.

Over 30 years of research and testing have gone into perfecting this TMJ management program.

How do other treatments compare?

Our Approach

  • address the root causes as well as symptoms

  • Our methodology has a very high success rate

  • Provides personal control

  • Is very affordable


Other Approaches

  • often the focus is primarily upon symptoms rather than causes

  • the approach may not empower the person with an understanding of the complex nature of TMD

  • often involves costly multiple appointments, with an open ended time frame

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